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Law Firm Networking and Referral Building

One of the most enjoyable parts of our work is making connections between attorneys so that they can refer business back and forth. Over the years, many of those relationships have translated into strong revenue streams for firms. They also provide attorneys in different jurisdictions with resources that can help with unfamiliar substantive or procedural legal issues.

Leveraging Existing Relationships

Proven Law Marketing’s network of attorneys spans most states in the U.S., and includes lawyers in small and large law firms, corporate legal departments, state and local government, and non-profits. We also have a network of international firms due to continuous work on behalf of a large global association of independent law firms.

Our clients immediately benefit from an established network of law firms that realize and appreciate the power of information sharing.  They also are committed to referring business to firms that refer clients back, with PLM implementing protocols to track those referrals over time.

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