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Lawyer Marketing Consulting

Proven Law Marketing is different than many law firm consulting companies in one important way…

We work with a very limited number of law firms at one time.

Our goal as a company is not to try to fit law firms into a “patented” process for marketing, or fill seats in a hotel conference center where the masses come for marketing advice.  Doing so diminishes one of the key components to a successful law firm marketing strategy:  Customization

This means two things for PLM clients.  First, they benefit from having the very best in creativity, implementation, and results… tailored exactly to who they are, and what they want to achieve.  Second, their investment produces a comprehensive approach that ensures that every aspect of their firm’s client development is the very best it can be.

With an organization our size, we need a quarterback to lead our marketing effort.  Proven Law Marketing plays that role, and does it very well.
W. Scott Schulten
Schulten Ward Turner & Weiss, LLP
Let’s Talk ROI

Many attorneys come to Proven Law Marketing with very clear goals they want to achieve.  Others only know they want to improve their practices, and are looking for effective strategies to accomplish that objective.  Regardless of what brought you here, Proven Law Marketing and its founder, Matt Starosciak, can help.  We’ve worked with some of the best law firms in the country, and are fortunate to have been able to contribute to their success in:

  • Growing Case Volume and Revenue
  • Building Brand and Enhancing Image
  • Reducing Cost Per Case Acquisition
  • Maximizing Marketing ROI
  • Converting Leads to Clients
  • Creating Time to Focus on What They Do Best
As a PLM Client You Will Receive…
  • A comprehensive analysis of where your law firm ranks today in key marketing areas.
  • A completely customized solution for meeting your firm’s goals, developed and implemented on-site.
  • Ongoing one-on-one collaboration with a proven expert in law firm marketing, coaching, and goal achievement.
  • Personal Service.  The person your firm hires is the person you will work with… from start to finish.
  • No Contract.  You pay for our services only as long as you find value in them.
Can You Do This Yourself?

Yes.  With enough time, any attorney capable of earning their J.D. and passing the bar exam can learn the strategies we implement.  However… just because you can do it yourself doesn’t make it financially smart to do so.  The knowledge PLM brings is the result of 20 years in the legal industry, hundreds of marketing campaign implementations, and a deep understanding of the BIG and small things that make law firm marketing strategies work.  In almost all cases, it is better for an attorney to spend their time focusing on what they do best:  Practicing Law

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