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Law Firm Branding and Image Improvement

The words “brand” and “image” can mean many different things to many different people. For law firms, branding is often used to describe how familiar the public is with their logo, slogan, colors, and other visual or audio items associated with the business.

Image tends to take on a more personal connotation, and usually refers to the public’s opinion about a lawyer, or how it views a law firm on qualities such as experience, honesty, similarity to themselves, and size.

Having the absolute best branding and image is important to law firms for one very simple reason: Competition.  Even if you are a very well respected, high-verdict plaintiff’s personal injury attorney, the chances are that there are similar attorneys within 100 miles of your practice, and usually much closer.  Distinguishing yourself from the competition is the difference between a good practice and a great one.

Bringing All Important Parts Together

Proven Law Marketing provides the very best in law firm branding and image development and growth. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with hundreds of firms to grow their identities and reputations, while highlighting the key differentiators that set them apart from other law firms competing for the same clients.

We do this through a number of tools, including the development and implementation of –

  • Powerful website messaging that separates the firm from the pack
  • Informative videos that really connect
  • Eye-catching logos and visual pieces
  • Hiring processes for attracting top talent and coaching them to be better
  • Great office environments that increase client comfort and confidence
  • Highly sought after media coverage
  • Constant reputation management

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