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Law Firm Lead and Conversion Tracking

Although considered one of the most challenging areas of law firm marketing, tracking lead generation is critical to making smart marketing investments. But it’s not an easy thing to commit to. Many law firms aren’t that interested in where business is coming from as long as it’s coming in. Also, tracking lead generation and conversion is never an exact science, which tends to frustrate decision makers.  Notwithstanding, the better your firm can become at understanding where business is coming from, the more opportunities you will have to achieve the significant goals set out for your practice.

Said another way…

The only way to make the correct marketing investments is to know what is producing best at any given time.

Using Relevant Information for Decisions

Proven Law Marketing’s process for lead generation and conversion tracking captures all of the relevant and most important data, then puts it into usable format. Decisions about where and how much to spend on each component of law firm marketing becomes simplified. The result is a powerful marketing program with zero wasted dollars and resources, and a very clear picture of where to make the next investment.

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