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Media Coverage for Law Firms

Many law firms believe that media coverage doesn’t apply to them because they are too small, don’t win high-dollar verdicts, or don’t have a nationally recognized expert in their firm. This sells short their ability to take advantage of many opportunities to expand their footprint. The reality is that every law firm has the ability to benefit from media coverage, from the recent law school grad who hangs a shingle, to the firm with a 150-year history.

Part of the reason media coverage applies to every firm is the huge expansion of options created by the Internet, but there are still many opportunities in traditional print, television, and radio outlets. The keys to obtaining good coverage are to:

  1. Know what types of topics are well-suited for media coverage, and be able to recognize them when they arise.

  2. Have relationships with important people at media outlets, and understand what types of topics make their jobs easier.

  3. Be able to quickly produce and pitch the most relevant and tailored content to multiple media outlets.

Proven Law Marketing has extensive experience achieving top media coverage for its customers. We’ve utilized newspapers, magazines, press releases, blogs and other outlets to cover charitable events and donations, awards, career milestones, new office openings, trade show appearances, speaking engagements and published works.

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