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Importance of Ratings and Award Programs

Opinions about attorney ratings and awards vary greatly among members of the bar. Some lawyers are incredibly proud of their rating, and actively participate in the processes that produce them. Others believe that these programs are simply a popularity contest, or are based on the amount of money a law firm spends with a particular company. Everyone else falls somewhere along this spectrum.

From a marketing perspective, attorney ratings and awards such as Martindale-Hubbell and Avvo mean something.  Why?  They matter to clients.  People that hire you are much less cynical about ratings than attorneys. When all other things are equal, a client will choose a designated Super Lawyer over one that isn’t “Super”, even if they don’t entirely understand what that means. (i. e. Perception is reality.)

Second, obtaining a strong rating or recognition provides a ton of opportunities for effective marketing. These include press releases, plaques and certificates, website and social media posting, coverage in local newspapers and bar journals, and inclusion in what are often powerful online attorney directories.

How to Get Rated

Proven Law Marketing has extensive experience with attorney rating programs. We have a deep knowledge of the criteria that make up the selection processes for –

  • Martindale-Hubbell
  • Avvo
  • Super Lawyers
  • Legal Elite
  • Top 100 Trial Attorneys
  • American College of Trial Attorneys
  • Best Lawyers in America

… and many more.

We’re also able to devote the time necessary to maximize the chance of being recognized by one of these programs, and also to evaluating what advertising options make the most sense when an award is received.

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